Welcome to the Fall 2014 issue of Illuminations: A Newsletter for New Faculty.

This issue features three new articles from new faculty: Steffen Guenzel (Writing across the Curriculum), Michael Mousseau (Political Science), and Daniel Stephens (Public Affairs). We have two interviews in our Special Features section entitled, What You Know Now that You Wish You Knew Then. Part one is with Melody Bowdon (Executive Director of the FCTL) and part two is with Kimberly Schneider (Director, Office of Undergraduate Research). Both have achieved a great deal of success at UCF, and provide insights and advice for new faculty.

Also included are updates from departments including the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, The Center for Success of Women Faculty, and The Libraries. As usual, we have tried to showcase some of the innovative research being conducted by new faculty at UCF, and to bring together information from around campus that might be of use to people still trying to navigate our sprawling university.

In other news, this issue is the last I will publish as lead editor. The next issue will be run by Carrie Moran, who also happens to be a new faculty member who contributed to our last issue. Carrie will  bring her own ideas into this publication, and will be looking for a new batch of scholars to showcase. If you are a new faculty member, or know of one who would be worth featuring, please let us know. In the meantime, I want to thank those who have contributed to the first four issues and helped us get this project off the ground!


John Venecek, Outgoing Editor
Carrie Moran, Incoming Editor